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I personally reply to all Help Desk messages. That’s how I prefer to do business. I typically respond the same day, often within minutes or hours. I sometimes travel and don’t have immediate access to the web, so please be patient if it takes a bit longer on occasion.

NOTE: In many cases, there are ways to get an answer to your questions almost immediately. This video will show you how PLUS give show you some really neat Google search tricks!:

Would you like to include this video on YOUR support page? No permission needed. The maker of the amazing Socrates WordPress Theme created it for anyone to use without special permission.

Thank you!

Gene Pimentel

COMMON ISSUE: One of the more common issues recently is that some people are able to log into their account, but once logged in, clicking on a product access link or course module just brings them back to the main page. This is almost always a web browser issue (usually Chrome). To resolve this, simply REFRESH your browser, and you may need to clear the cookies in that browser. You may also try using a different browser just to know for sure whether or not the problem is isolated to that one browser.

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